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Face Mask

TTD $ 20.00

(6 customer reviews)

Comfortable fabric mask, stretch material, double layered, tightly woven jersey. Fibre Content- 97% Cotton, 3% Lycra, 220GSM



  1. Fit in front of a mirror.
  2. Stretch to fit from tip of nose to chin.
    • Designed just to cover nose and mouth opening.
    • Comfortable to wear for up to eight hours.
    • Wash, Dry and Wear. No ironing necessary.


This is not a medical grade mask.

Size Guide
Black w/Grey TrimBlack w/Grey TrimBlackBlackBlack w/Pink TrimBlack w/Pink TrimGreyGreyNavyNavyPinkPinkPink w/Grey TrimPink w/Grey Trim
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6 reviews for Face Mask

  1. Cindy Arjoon

    Excellent design

  2. Navin Abiraj

    I like,I

  3. Tsaiann Ravello


  4. Navin narine

    Great design

  5. Pauline Brown-Elwin (verified owner)

    Great product,trendy design. I just love these mask, soft on the ears. I finally was able to get a great fit.Thanks again for great product and timely delivery.

  6. Annalisa Paul

    Great designs

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